Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Surprise Proposal

If you know my Husband and I, you also know that he has been very involved in softball for the past 10 years or so.  We have met a lot of great people over the years, but some of them really stick out as class acts.  One of the most genuine people we have the privilege to know put out an All Points Bulletin on Tuesday asking for our help.

He asked that we all show up on Sunday, 11/11 to play (or attend, in my case) a softball game that had been staged for the sole intent and purpose of proposing to his Fiancee.  We had an indoor softball complex, and, in cahoots with the owner of the complex, a lighted scoreboard, an umpire and spectators.  All of the normal things you would expect at a softball game.  As you can imagine, there were far more spectators than usual!  In the first inning, each team would score 11 runs, making the scoreboard read
11 - 1 - 11, their anniversary date.


At that point, he ran off the field, as the rest of the players took a knee (I wish I had a shot of that).  When he got to his Bride-to-Be, he whispered in her ear what I can only assume was an explanation of what was going on.



Classically, he was down on one knee when he put the ring on her finger.
 He was so happy to have pulled it all off!
She knew something was going on, but couldn't quite put her finger on it.
Of course, she said YES! I was in the perfect spot to capture their special moment, and I'm so glad that I was!
The Happy Couple 1

What a splendid moment to have been a part of.  It reminded all of us that love still exists in it's purest form, that creativity can still be found, and that things like this don't just happen in movies.  

Group Photo
A very special thank you to such a wonderful couple for including us in their special day, and to the folks over at Universal Sports Academy for making it possible - rain or shine.  It made the whole world a little brighter - and sparklier!

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