Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A California Afternoon

My husband and I celebrated the 13th anniversary of our 1st date recently, so we decided a "date day" was in order.  My lovely in-laws took care of Peanut and we had ourselves a regular old afternoon together.

Our quiet time took us to the Benicia Waterfront for the afternoon. Way back when, Benicia used to be the state capital of California - who knew!

They have a lovely pier and there were all sorts of people there fishing. We are having a bit of an Indian Summer here and temperatures were in the mid-70's on Sunday.  I feel somewhat guilty enjoying this beautiful weather in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I understand another 'Nor Easter is on it's way to those poor folks.

Meanwhile, back in California, we are really enjoying this beautiful weather.

Take time today, wherever you are, to say a prayer or send good thoughts to our fellow citizens who have been affected by these storms and be grateful for all of the sunshine in your life, even if it's just a friend's smile rather than the actual sun. :)

'Til next time...

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