Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rant Alert: Giving My Art as a Gift

Recently I gave someone one of my photos as a gift. 

I love the photo.  

It is my most favorite photo that I have taken to date, so I decided it needed special treatment.

I had it printed by a professional-grade shop on special metallic paper, in a large, custom panoramic size, and had a mat custom cut for a nice frame.  When I presented the photo to it's recipient, I received a rather lackluster response.

I suppose it goes without saying that it hurt my feelings.  I had worked hard and put my heart into loving and nurturing that photo every step of the process, from capture, to post processing, to printing, to framing.  I put hours into that one photograph.

I guess I should not expect everyone to appreciate photographs as much as I do. I do my best not to be resentful of the recipient because to them it's just another photo. I just don't have the heart to tell them everything that went into creating "just a photo" for them and the way I felt when it wasn't received as I anticipated.

To me, it was so much more special than I could communicate.

I've decided to have a print made for my own home, where it will be displayed prominently for all to enjoy.  

Thanks for taking the time to share my little hurt.  Be mindful next time someone gives you something they made, whether it be a photo, a painting, or a matching crocheted hat & scarf. Even if it's not your color, they went out of their way to make it for you.  Smile and be grateful, it will go a long, long way.


  1. I'm sorry Sam! That is awful! That is some that does not appreciate the creativeness required to do what you are doing! Hugs

    1. Thanks, Heather. I think I feel better now that I've written it out. Those therapists might be on to something!

  2. Samantha- You are talented, but you should probably talk to the recipient about your concerns rather than post this passive-agressive note. KOKO

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I would have mentioned it to the recipient had I thought it was malicious or intentional, which I don't believe was the case.