Monday, October 22, 2012

A Lovely Girl and a Derby Hat

Recently our company closed the office and took us out for a day at the horse races at Golden Gate Fields.  There are some other photos related to Golden Gate Fields that can be found HERE, but that's a separate post altogether.

This post is about a lovely girl and the stunning hat she was wearing.  My dear friend looked absolutely stunning.  She had on a brown dress and really lit up the event like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - you know, that scene where they're at the Polo game?  Anyway, she really did take first place, in my opinion, for best dressed.

I do appreciate my friend for being such a good sport and really being herself when I pointed the camera in her direction.  She really is as fun and classy of a gal as she looks!

While some of these may not be *technically* the most perfect shots, I really like this set and I hope my lovely friend will be a model for me again in the future!

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  1. I definitely see the Julia Roberts coming out! Love, love, love these!!